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                                                                                                           Well in this page u can find rares values and all  st
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March 03, 2005         

Trying to Make a new habbo better makes the difference

Open Since Febraury 12 2004

Hello Ppl Its a New Day.. Anyways Happy Easter..
and today we gonna add 2 new sections...
Roomof the Week & My ScreenShots.. Hope u like ˆ_ˆ
Whens Easter Furni Coming?
We will keep informating about this theme..
W00T W00T W00T! The Spring Quest Justr Begun! tonight on  dnD Power Hour  gaveaway a Unrealeased rare! w0w and we know what is it... yes! a Yellow Parasol!.
congratulations. Flench, Dafox2004 & NOtfound they won a Brand New parasoul!!  
Anyways Tonight it was released a new quest with the New Irish Guy .Shedim! the quest is reely cool and u will get more opportunitys to get prices... Good luck habbos and remenber there always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow !   
The (Irish) Spring Quest
Can you find all the treasure that shedim, our resident leprechaun has hidden at the end of his rainbow of rooms? Click here to try your luck at this tricky quest!. Over 30 Rares to be won!
New Land Lines in the Hotel!!
You can now purchase credits using your home phone almost everywhere in Canada! Click here check it out!
Well welcome to the new page of habbo hotel!!!!!!
here ur gonna find rares values info about habbo and how u can u prevent got scammed .. enjoy it