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Habbo Hotel Mania!

The HC menbership

Room Of The Month Or Week
Watchout with Scammers!
What Is Habbo hotel?
The HC menbership
Room Designs!

This is all about Habbo Club Menbership

After u buy creds u got benefits.. u can buy HC menber-
ship. HC menbership gives u extra hair-cuts extra and extra furni that dont appear in catalogue.
                            HC  Menbership gifts     
 1 Month of HC
2 month of HC
Plasto Möbel Plasto Möbel Plasto Möbel plasto chair A 7 Plasto Möbel
3 Month of HC
Edle Kaffeemaschine
4 month of HC
Würfelspiel Würfelspiel geöffnet
5 Month of HC
HC Sprudelbad
6 Month of HC
7 Month Of HC
HC Sofa
8 Month of HC
HC Lampe
9 Month Of HC
HC Tisch
10 Month of HC
11 Month Of HC
HC Sekretär
Then at the end of the whole 3 Months starts again with mocha master.
Special Guest Room layouts

When making a new Guest Room you get to choose from 2 additional layouts that are only available to members of Habbo Club, these layouts have stairs and are split onto 2 levels. You get to keep any rooms you have made using these layouts even if you choose not to re-new your Habbo Club membership.

hc inl1 Special commands

:chooser – This brings up a list of all Habbos in the room

:furni – This brings up a list of all items of furni in the room (Only available to Habbos who have been in Habbo Club for more than one year).

To use these commands you just type them where you type to speak and click return or enter, then a pop up will appear containing the list.

How do you join Habbo Club?

habbo_credits_2.gif Joining couldn’t be simpler, once you have logged into Habbo stay on the Hotel View and click on the Habbo Club logo. A pop up window will appear and if you have 25 credits in your purse you can click ok and buy. To find out about more about buying credits click HERE

If you have any problems with Habbo Club you can check out the Habbo Club frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) HERE.