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Habbo Hotel Mania!

Watchout with Scammers!

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Watchout with Scammers!
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Like all Habbo hotel theres cheaters and scripters wanna scam u am gonna tell u som secrets to not get scammed:

Furni Scams!

In real life you look after your possessions don't you? You wouldn't think about leaving your prized Gameboy with someone you hardly knew would you? And surely you wouldn't dream of trading something with someone where you had to hand over your things first?

Then why do it in Habbo Hotel? Just because a Habbo is friendly, doesn't mean you can trust them. Always use the secure trading system to trade with other Habbos and only place your furni in someone's room if they truly are a friend (not someone you met five minutes ago).

Password Scams

The only place you should type your password is in the "check in" box when you come to Habbo Hotel. We will never ask for it anywhere else. If the URL (the address of the website) doesn't start with it isn't Habbo Hotel - so be careful- some of these scammers are quite sneaky!

Anyone who asks for your password is a scammer, it's as simple as that. If you tell someone your password, they will check in as you and steal your furni and Credits.

Email ScamsIt's very important that the email address you use for Habbo Hotel is one that only you can access. If you let someone else read your emails, they may be able to find out your Habbo password.

It's also important that you put in a real email address when you register or update your Habbo ID. If you make one up, we can't send you password reminders and there's virtually no way we can know for sure that you are the real owner of your Habbo.

Phone Scams

You can buy Habbo Credits by phoning one of the Habbo Credits Lines. Some dishonest Habbos have worked out a scam on these, but once you've read this page, they won't be able to get away with it.

If u been scammed somtime plz report it to habbo hotel ur opinion counts!