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Habbo Hotel Mania!

Room Designs!
Room Of The Month Or Week
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What Is Habbo hotel?
The HC menbership
Room Designs!

 In a Room Rares Cannot Be Excluded and I walked through habbo hotel and I saw more rares in some rooms that others now lets see some rares need to be in rich places.

 Holopod Aka Holoboy
 Petal Patch
Silver Elephant
Bronze Elephant
Golden ElePhant
Dino Egg Aka Draggon Egg
Typewritter Aka Typo
Imperial Teleports
 Hc Sofa
Russian Samouvar
TT Aka TurnTable
Throne Sofa
Habbo Globe


So Now u know so start Saving Money to Buy Ur creds!

 And u soon Will get this gorgous rares x]